Tuff Enuff FAQ


So, what is Tuff Enuff about?

Tuff Enuff is an organisation that provides a wide range of fitness and wellbeing activities. Our most obvious service is obstacle course based endurance races; however we also provide things like fitness training, bootcamps, wilderness survival, coasteering, CQC training, climbing, all that kind of thing. Basically if there’s a fun way to risk your neck whilst picking up a few useful skills, we probably do it.

What sort of reckless lunatic signs up for that sort of thing?

Generally, people who want to push themselves to find out what they can achieve. You don’t have to be a triathlete or a commando, you could be a total couch potato; but once you’ve made that decision to improve yourself physically and mentally we’ll help you do that. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you start with, we’ll try to ensure that you astonish yourself with what you can achieve.

What form does your fitness training take?

Our instructors tend to come from a military background. They’ll take you through ways to improve your conditioning, cardio and functional strength utilising a series of techniques. You won’t be seeing much in the way of cross training machines or treadmills; instead we rely on tried and trusted ways of making your body work as a whole to improve your fitness levels and performance. It will be hard but you’ll enjoy it.

Er, this won’t involve forced marches and juggling telegraph poles will it?

Like we say, you’ll enjoy it

Tell me more about the obstacle races.

We have a permanent assault course that’s available for use all year round as part of our activity packages; several times a year though we organise races where anyone can enter. Sometimes these are accompanied with a day festival with activities for all the spectators and an evening do as well, for those who still have the strength to party. There’ll usually always be a least a beer tent and some decent food available.

What form do the races take?

They vary. We might have you going round our permanent course any number of times. We may extend the course to take you all over the local countryside. You can see our website or Facebook page for details of upcoming events. There may be other challenges as well. See how many times a team can get an object round the course (the object will vary but the common factor is, it will be a nightmare to transport). We may ask you to go around the course as many times as you can and see who’s the last man or woman standing (or at least, crawling). The options are endless and we’re always thinking up new ways to amuse/torture you.

Is it dangerous?

We’re not out to kill or maim you but our ethos is to be “Tuff”. Our course is designed to be challenging rather than look pretty (although some of the stencil work is quite nice, our MD does all that himself you know?). We build ‘obstacles’ not ‘rides’ (well, ok, the waterslide is pretty fun); they take physical effort, but we’re also testing nerve and courage. So you won’t find any mats under the rope climb for instance. Without the risk it would just be a test of upper body strength; and in that case we might as well just get you to do chin ups. That’s not what we’re about. You’ll be pushed to your limits physically, mentally and psychologically. There will be moments when you wonder why you ever signed up for such a thing, but trust us, once you’ve survived the ordeal you’ll feel amazing. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.

I heard people got shot on some of your races!

They’re only paintballs, we just crank up the power a bit is all.

And blown up!

A few flash bangs. It’s good conditioning for if you’re ever in a hostage rescue situation.

And beaten with sticks…

That’s just a rumour, and anyway they were padded.

So the stories about rubber bullets are just a rumour as well?

Hey, do you want to do this thing or not?

There are other providers of obstacle races, what makes you different, apart from your seeming disregard for human life?

A number of factors. Firstly we choose sites that in themselves feature challenging terrain. You’ll face hills, swamps, rivers, ponds, rocks, undergrowth etc. that will be difficult enough to traverse, then we add obstacles.

You also sometimes have obstacles in the ocean I hear?

Sea is a type of terrain.

No it isn’t. Terrain comes from ‘Terra’, the Latin for ‘Land’

Well, anyway, it’s a challenging environment. It is spectacularly beautiful though. We also have a policy that we’re not just for elite athletes (although we endeavour to make sure this will be the hardest thing such people will ever get to face). Our philosophy is that anyone can push themselves further than they thought possible, and we’ll help you achieve that.

What’s this ‘compete or complete’ thing about?

We want to make our races accessible and enjoyable for everyone. If you really want to push yourself you can enter to compete. You’ll be timed and you must complete all obstacles and tasks. If you just want to experience the course though you can enter to complete, you don’t have to be timed it you don’t want and you can skip obstacles that don’t take your fancy. For a complete breakdown of the rules, click here:

How old do I have to be to enter?

18 or older at the date of the race.

Can I enter as part of a team?

Of course. There are many reasons to do so; building a spirit of cooperation and community, sharing the experience with friends; making new acquaintances and getting to know people better, but primarily because it works out a bit cheaper.

Can I enter as a team on my own?

No, not since we spotted that loophole as a way of getting a cheaper ticket you can’t.

So how many people can be in a team then?

That depends on whether you’re entering to complete or compete. If you’re just entering to complete, then a team can contain anywhere between two and infinity persons. If however you are entering to compete then a team must contain six people; your time will be calculated by reference to the last member of your team to cross the finish line.

What happens then if we’re competing and one of our team gets injured?

Well if you’re competing your whole team has to finish the race, otherwise you won’t qualify I’m afraid. There’s nothing to stop you carrying/dragging an injured team-mate with you though. If you’ve just entered to complete however, feel free to roll the injured team-mate into a convenient ditch or somewhere, so they don’t block the course. You can leave all that “Leave no man behind” stuff to the Marines.

Can I change which wave I’m in so I can be with my mates?

Indeed you can. It is a bit of a hassle admin-wise for us though and makes our MD cry, so we’d be really really grateful if you try to all enter as a team in the first place.

Can I change which wave I’m in so I don’t have to be with my mates?

Yeah, we’ve got friends like that too.

How much does it cost to enter?

It varies for the different races. Check the individual race information for details. Generally though, the earlier you book the cheaper it is. There’s usually also a discount for entering as a team. Remember, a team can consist of as few as two members, so why not get a mate to sign up as well?

What do I get for my money?

The chance to enter one of our fantastic races in a spectacular location, and a T-shirt. You’ll also get a medal if you complete the course. We may also give you the medal if you fail to complete the course but put in enough of an effort that we feel you deserve one anyway. Be warned though, just quitting because it’s hard won’t cut it. We expect at least a couple of hundred yards dragging yourself on bleeding stumps, that sort of thing.

What facilities are there on race days?

There’s always somewhere to park and a camping area. We can usually muster at least a beer tent and some food stalls as well.

Do I have to pay for these 

For the beer and the food? Certainly. Parking and camping fees depend on the event and the location. Check the individual race information for details.


There will be showers but we can’t guarantee they’ll be anything more than rudimentary. Think less ‘Five Star Spa Hotel’ and more ‘Emergency decontamination after chemical attack’.

How do I find out the dates of the upcoming races?

All details about dates, times and locations of races are on the individual race pages. Click here to check them out: 

You say you also do events packages, how do they work?

Packages vary from a few hours to a week. You might want to come along for a birthday or a hen/stag do, for instance, and then go on somewhere else afterwards. Your company may want to spend a weekend team building (if you can work together to get round the course, you can certainly work together to meet your targets). Or you could spend a whole week and learn a wide variety of skills. We offer both fixed and bespoke packages. Check out the relevant section of the site for details.

What about kids?

We offer packages for kids too. Our philosophy is ‘why pretend to be a hero on a computer game, when you can do all that sort of stuff in real life?’ We don’t compromise or patronise them just because they’re young though. You’ll almost certainly get them back in one piece but they can expect a few cuts and bruises. In our experience though, the more intense the experience the more kids lap it up and in practical terms they learn a lot about risk management, resourcefulness, team working and a host of useful skills. It’s great for building confidence too. We encourage all kids to utilise their particular talents, whatever they may be. They may not be particularly athletic for instance, but will contribute in other areas like organisation, tactics, morale building or whatever.

OK, I’m sold on Tuff Enuff! Is it ok if I get your logo tattooed on my forehead?

Of course, but in the interim you could just wear one of our t-shirts or hoodies. Check out our merchandise page. I think we also have key rings.