There are two ways of entering a Tuff Enuff race; you can enter to ‘complete’ or you can enter to ‘compete’.

Entering to Compete

You can enter to compete as an individual or as part of a team.  Teams however MUST consist of SIX persons.

Teams can be of entirely one gender or of mixed gender (in any ratio).

You must be timed.

You must overcome EVERY obstacle on the course; you may not skip obstacles.

Where a forfeit can be paid in lieu of overcoming an obstacle every member of the team must make a legitimate attempt at overcoming the obstacle before defaulting to the forfeit.  It is not permitted for team members to merely request the forfeit without first attempting to overcome the obstacle.

The entire team must finish the race to qualify; although you don’t all have to finish together.

Your team’s time will be based solely on the time of the last member of your team to finish the race.

Entering to Complete

You can enter to complete as an individual or as part of a team.  The teams can be of any number from two persons upwards.

You don’t have to be timed; although you can be if you want to.

You can skip any obstacle that you don’t fancy (assuming there’s a way around it, sometimes there isn’t) although we’d encourage you to give them all a go anyway.