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Set in the heart of the spectacular Cornish countryside and featuring breathtaking views of the sea, Tuff Nutt: Above and Beyond is Tuff Enuff’s annual junior endurance challenge.

Based around our infamous permanent assault course, Above and Beyond is a brutal endurance challenge of approximately 6km over a variety of terrain from mud, to rock to the rolling ocean.

Incorporating more than 20 of the toughest obstacles imaginable, Tuff Nutt: Above and Beyond has been designed by military experts to push you to the limits of human endurance, testing your strength, your nerve and your courage. World’s End is the ultimate trial of physical, mental and psychological fortitude. A 3km option is also available.

There’s a wide variety of food and drink available throughout the day along with trade stalls and activities for families.


Tuff Nutt Above and Beyond and Tuff Nutt World’s End have been selected to be a UK Junior OCR Championship qualifying race for the UK Junior Championships held later in 2016.
Tuff Enuff World’s End, which takes place on May 29, will be the first event of this kind in the UK. This gives junior obstacle race competitors from across Cornwall the chance to qualify and represent Cornwall at the first UK Junior Championships.

We have 2 races depending on how tuff you are!

Tuff Enuff 6km or 3km

Enter to compete or enter to complete!
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What’s included in the price?

  • Race entry
  • Your exclusive Tuff Nutt: Above and Beyond t-shirt
  • A medal for all those finishing (or making such an effort we think you deserve one anyway)
  • The experience of a lifetime and ultimate bragging rights

Spectators get free entry

For more details on the race, and our events generally, click here for our FAQ.


Pendrea Farm
St Buryan
TR19 6EU

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What Do I Get?

The race entry fee includes an exclusive “Tuff Nutt” tshirt and a medal.

How much does it cost to enter?

We have two distances, 3km and 6km.

All juniors can enter either of the races.

Prices as follows:

3km per individual – £17
3km per team member – £16

6km per individual – £19
6km per team member – £18

I would like to do the event with my child, will this cost extra?

We totally understand you will be worried about your child doing an obstacle course and welcome all parents / guardians to run the course with their child (we just ask you to make way for the junior competitors as they embark on the course). There is no charge for adults joining in with their young counterparts. The obstacles are age dependent and we would not let a young child do an obstacle that is to difficult or has a high level of risk.

The waves will be set off with oldest to youngest runners.

The first waves will be 14-17yrs followed by 10-13yrs then finally 6-9yrs.

We have done this so the younger runners don’t feel any pressure from the older runners and to avoid an older runner pushing past a younger runner.

Both courses are designed so spectators can follow the juniors around the entire course. we have also allocated adult support runners to go around with the 6-9yrs and 10-13yrs runners. Every obstacle will be marshalled by adults as well.

How can I find my child’s bib number?

We will send an email race confirmation letter to your email address that you must bring with you and your child to register on the day. In this race letter will be your race bib number.

How early do I need to be there race morning to pick up my child’s packet?

The registration tent will be open from 8am on the day of the event. Your child will need to register at least an hour before their race.

My son/daughter does not have an ID for the tuff nutt challenge, can I pick it up?

Your child’s registration letter that you would have printed off will be their proof of entry.

How can I confirm if my child is registered?

You can contact us at info@tuff-enuff.co.uk or if you have registered through our webpage then you should have a refernce from active that will allow you to go online and check your childs individual or team entry details.

How tough is the course?

Our goal is to challenge you and push you to your limits with a combination of running broken up by various military style obstacles. the course is designed for people of all fitness levels to enjoy and have a good time. There will be plenty of volunteers at each obstacle to give you a hand if you need it, but be sure to give it your best effort!

Will there be hydrations along the course? if so how many? where will they be located?

Yes – there will be water stops out on the course, but please be sure to prepare and come hydrated! There will be two water stations on the 4km course and one water station on the 1km course. Plus, every racer will receive a bottle of water at the finish line.

Can participants walk the course?

Yes, participants can walk the course, there is no time limit to finish the race.

Can participants go around an obstacle?

You will not be forced to participate in anything you do not feel comfortable with. We believe that the course is a challenge not a race and the only person you are challenging is yourself. so we encourage participants to do the course at their comfort level. There will be plenty of marshals on the obstacles there to encourage you or help you to the next step. If you choose to go around an obstacle, you will still get a finishers medal.

Will it be necessary to swim as part of the obstacles?

No – the event does include water obstacles but remember, it’s not compulsory to do an obstacle. Most water crossings are accessible on foot and may come up to about your waist but any that are deeper will have assistance from ropes, floats and marshals.

Do I need to go in the mud?

Getting down and dirty is the whole point! You’ll have to crawl through the mud on some obstacles but again, doing an obstacle is optional.

How can i sign up to volunteer?

You may sign up to be a volunteer by going to our volunteer page and filling out the form

Can dogs participate?

Sorry! dogs are not allowed to participate in the events.

Are there awards?

All participants will receive a tuff nutt medal!

Do you allow spectators?

Yes – friends and family are more than welcome to come out and watch the race at no charge. Please check the “parking” section for the event to see the parking fees so your friends and family can be prepared on race day.

Are there areas along the course where family/friends/spectators can photograph the athletes during the competition?

There are a variety of obstacles located near the main site so you can watch your friends and family get down and dirty right near by and the rest of the course will be open to follow your children around. The best place to come spectate the race and take pictures will be at the half-pipe. The half-pipe will be just before the finish line in the main event site so there will also be plenty to do. It will also be right near the live music and beer-tent!

image tuff enuff kids



Tuff-Enuff Parent/Guardian Waiver

You must read this document carefully before allowing your child to participate in the Tuff  Nutt Junior event. The clauses below form part of the terms & conditions of entry. By allowing your child to participate in the event in any capacity you are agreeing to be bound by these clauses. You may wish to seek legal advice before agreeing to allow your child to participate or attend.


You must read this document carefully before allowing your child to participate in the Tuff Nutt Junior event. The clauses below form part of the terms & conditions of entry. By allowing your child to participate in the event in any capacity you are agreeing to be bound by these clauses. You may wish to seek legal advice before agreeing to allow your child to participate or attend.
Tuff Enuff events are extremely challenging. The events are physically and mentally demanding. They take place in an inherently hazardous environment. Whilst reasonable precautions will be taken by the organisers there is a high risk of injury (including death) or disablement. By allowing your child to participate you acknowledge that you have capacity to understand these risks and assume all such risks voluntarily.
Tuff Enuff events require an exceptionally high degree of mental and physical fitness. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your child is capable of participating in the event. You should seek medical advice before allowing your child to participate.
Tuff Enuff events involve both natural and artificial obstacles over a wide variety of very difficult, dangerous and challenging terrain, including the open sea. Risks include but are not limited to: Falling, Drowning, Injury from the natural and artificial environment, Exposure, Heat Stroke, De-hydration, Exhaustion, Hazards posed by vehicles, other people, fixed and mobile features, Animal attack, Fire, Electric shock and Injury from projectiles and other humans. By allowing your child to participate you agree that you are aware of and have acknowledged these risks together with all other risks both foreseeable and unforeseeable. You are confirming that all assumption of risk is made voluntarily and with informed consent. If you are unsure about any risks you should contact the organisers for clarification.
You will ensure that your child will take all appropriate steps to familiarise themselves with all obstacles and the course generally before attempting to complete any obstacle or part of the course.
Challenges may involve interference from other humans who may be using implements to impede your progress. You expressly consent to any assault that may be inflicted on your child and indemnify the organisers from any injury (including death) that may arise as a consequence of any assault.
You agree that your child will take all necessary steps to avoid injury, inconvenience or damage to any other person, including other participants, organisers, spectators and any other person and/or damage to property. You expressly agree to indemnify the organisers against any claims arising from your actions, whether deliberate, reckless or accidental.
You agree that your chiuld will be bound by any directions or instructions from the organisers or any of their representatives or agents. Your child must agree to comply with any such directions immediately and without question.
The organisers have an absolute discretion to withdraw any participant from the event for any reason and at any time.
The organisers reserve the right to modify, adjust or vary the course at their discretion for any reason whatsoever. You agree that the organisers have the right to postpone or reschedule the event as a result of any conditions arising including but not limited to emergencies, weather conditions or any other event outside the control of the organisers. In such event you agree that you will not be entitled to any reimbursement, consequential expenses or compensation.
You accept a duty of care to all other persons who attend the event in any capacity whatsoever.
You accept that your child may not be able to complete the event.
You accept that you will be responsible at all times for your child's own safety and well being. Your child will monitor their own performance and withdraw if at any stage they feel you are unable to continue the event safely.
Your child will respect all other persons attending the event and the natural environment. Your child will not litter, contaminate, foul or otherwise degrade the site in any way whatsoever.
You accept that if your child is asked to withdraw from the event for any reason or withdraw voluntarily you will not be reimbursed for any fees or other expenses incurred.
You guarantee that your child is in a fit state to enter the event. Your child will not be impaired in any way by alcohol, drugs or any physical or mental ailment before during or after the event whilst they are on the site.
You guarantee that your child will obey without question any direction from the organisers or their representatives or agents at all time when on the site before during or after the event.
You assume full responsibility for any consequences arising from your child's participation in the event. This includes medical treatment, loss of earnings, damages or other expenses incurred by yourself, on your behalf or on the behalf of any third party to whom you are responsible, including but not limited to any other person attending the event in whatever capacity.
You guarantee that this document will bind you and any other party on your behalf, including but not limited to family, next of kin, and beneficiaries.
You agree that the organisers may use your child's name and likeness for any legitimate purpose including but not limited to publicity, advertising or marketing. You agree to assign any and all related intellectual property rights to the organisers.
You agree that all dealings with the organisers will be subject to the laws of England and Wales. The English courts shall have sole jurisdiction.
You agree that should any clause or term or condition be found to be void or unenforceable it shall be severed from the agreement but the rest of the agreement shall stand.
You confirm that by agreeing to allow your child to participate in the event you have capacity to agree to all terms & conditions imposed by the organisers and do so in full understating of the same and the risks and hazards involved.